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Congrats Grads!

It was so lovely to celebrate our 2022 graduates from the E3B Masters program at Columbia. This year's graduating class included 8 (eight!!) talented scientists who Sara worked with for their research. Katherine Chen (avian collisions with buildings in NYC), Rochelle Thomas (snow goose population dynamics in the Arctic), Katie Maffett (American oystercatcher behavior in response to human activity on NYC beaches), Breanna Jordan (sublethal effects of insecticide exposure on spider behavior), Anna Soccorsi (spatiotemporal patterns of mesomammals along an urban-rural gradient), Andie Muñoz (avian pest-control across multiple crops on an organic farm), Roni Friedman (American horseshoe crab growth rates under changing climate conditions) and Michaela Mincone (urban wildlife spillover into residential yards).

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