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Prospective Students

We welcome prospective students interested in Conservation Biology, Agroecology, Urban Ecology, and/or Science Education.

Students interested in working with us at the University of Canterbury should email Dr. Kross directly with an explanation of their general areas of research interest and a copy of your CV/Resumé. You should also familiarize yourself with the information below.

The School of Biological Sciences at the University of Canterbury has excellent postgraduate degree options including Honours degrees, a Master of Science, and PhD programs.

If you are interested in a PhD, you should familiarize yourself with what a PhD in Aotearoa| New Zealand looks like: students must already have a masters or honours degree (1 or 2 year degree), the PhD typically lasts only 3 years total, and focuses entirely on research.


Students interested in joining the lab for a PhD should email Sara with a brief description of their interests/experience, a copy of their CV, and a summary of one (or more) project ideas they would be interested in pursuing if they were to join the lab.

The University of Canterbury has numerous scholarship opportunities for students, including fully-funded doctoral scholarships that cover tuition/fees and provide students with a modest stipend. You can read more about scholarships here. Masters programs here are 2-years and are generally tuition based. International students may want to consider applying for a Fulbright award or other scholarships.

Note that Dr. Kross cannot sponsor applicants to the Columbia University PhD program. Students interested in the PhD or Masters programs at Columbia should email one of the E3B faculty.

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